Discover a Sailing Vacation in the Pacific Northwest: Find Best Sailing Charters

Do you have any experience in sailing? Why not charter a sailing yacht and explore the magnificent San Juan Islands next summer? That could be a wonderful adventure for you and your family!

There are many different ways of doing a sailing vacation. You can charter a yacht and sail it all by yourself or you can hire a skipper. If you don’t feel comfortable enough with your sailing skills, the skipper will take care of the day-to-day running of your yacht, leaving you free to do anything you like. The skipper will help you become accustomed with a new yacht or area, and he will give you sailing tips and answer any questions as you sail. Another option is to join a flotilla. Many flotilla itineraries include special events like shore parties and fun regattas, and give you the chance to mix with other sailors.

The sheltered waterways, bays and fjords that extend from south of Seattle through British Columbia and into spectacular Southeast Alaska, are some of the world’s most spectacular cruising grounds. Puget Sound connecting the Pacific Ocean via the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the Pacific Northwest offers nearly 300 islands and some 2000 miles of shoreline. The San Juan Islands are the most popular charter area in the Puget Sound and also in the Pacific Northwest. This cluster of inhabited islands and barren rocks is located some 60 nautical miles north of Seattle. With more than 200 rocky islands and a dozen state parks left undisturbed, this is a good chartering area for beginners; the waters are reasonably protected even in storms off the Pacific.

The historic seaport town of Anacortes is a pleasant one and a half hour drive north of Seattle. Surrounded by water and dotted with several marinas, Anacortes has rightly earned its title as “Gateway to the San Juan Islands.” All the beauty and intrigue of the San Juan’s and Gulf Islands are within cruising destination of the town.The weather is generally mild all year long. The summers are mostly sunny with temperatures ranging from the low 70’s to the low 80’s (19-25 C).

Much of the cruising area of the Pacific Northwest is in the “rain shadow” of high mountains that block many of the weather systems that come in off the Pacific Ocean. The result is that rainfall can be as little as 20 inches annually in some areas. From May to October the winds are mostly moderate (6 – 18 knots). This varies by locality and time of day with the fresher breezes occurring in the afternoons in the more open areas and the lighter and more variable winds occurring among the islands.

Netherlands – Tips For a Sailing Vacation

Most boating is found in the IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea and Frisian Islands, places with sand dunes, systems of channels and beautiful ports. There are plenty of yachts available here and you can visit the many historic and beautiful seaport towns.

Netherlands, located in the western part of Europe, is densely populated and filled with several low-lying regions. The country is also renowned for many things, such as tulips, wooden shoes, cheese, and windmills. Landscapes are known to be hilly, with few glaciers and ridges like Drenthe and Hondsrug. There are also several bodies of water that you can find in the country, such as the Rhine River and its tributaries. The cool weather during summer and winter makes sailing in the Netherlands interesting for tourists the whole year round.

IJsselmeer, or Lake IJssel, is a very shallow lake located in the central portion of the Netherlands. It’s also situated near North Holland, Flevoland, and Friesland. The waters measure between 5 and 6 meters. There are plenty of things that you can do here, besides sailing in the Netherlands. You can try to fish in the river of IJssel or in the lake. There are also plenty of birds and marine species that inhabit the region.

You can also spend your vacation on board a yacht charter to the Wadden Sea. It is a coastal wetland that extends from Den Helder to Germany’s river estuaries-around 11,000 square kilometers. There are also several islands that you can find in the sea, but most of them are uninhabited and well protected by the Nature Conservation Law of the country. Nevertheless, there are bird sanctuaries that you can visit. You can also take a look at its salt marshes, such as Bosplaat, Schorren, and Noord-Friesland Buitendijks.

Frisian Islands, meanwhile, is a good destination among those who enjoy sailing in the Netherlands, especially during the summer. During wintertime, on the other hand, they would usually follow hiking trails toward the rugged mountains of Netherlands. There are also a number of ski resorts close to the area. There are a number of ways that you can reach the islands. You can travel by air or take a ferry. A number of the islands cannot provide you with a mode of transportation, so you may want to bring your car with you.

A trip to the Netherlands is worth every penny. If you’re not going to cruise with a yacht in the Netherlands, then you can enjoy watching the birds, hiking the mountain trails, or fishing in the rivers. Whatever it is, you know for sure that it’s going to be interesting and life-enriching.

Italy – Tips For a Sailing Vacation

Yachting is predominant on the western side of Italy’s more than 5000 miles of coastline. Here is the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian Sea. On the east coast is the Adriatic and in the south; the Ionian Sea. The west coast can be very crowded in the summer, especially in the north. July and August are the months to be someware else, but in the spring and autumn the coasts are more peaceful and the weather can be very nice. During summer weekends, booking ahead for a berth is essential.

Many tourists visit Italy every year-and it is for a good reason. For one, they can enjoy winter sports in the Alpine Mountains. They can enjoy biking among its trails and perhaps reach other neighboring countries like Switzerland, Slovenia, France, and Austria. Down the country, you can walking along its cobblestone and brick streets and enjoy the awesome historic remains of baths and of the world-renowned Colosseum. The waters too are clearly inviting, perfect locations for sailing in Italy.

You can perhaps blame the Italian rivers. Because of the country’s mild weather, they are easier to navigate. Thus, if you want to feel the country then sailing in Italy is a perfect activity for you. There are chartered yachts docked among its many ports. You can also hire a motor or sailboat, depending on the number of people who will be cruising and your finances.

There are also charter yachts available in the isle of Dubrovnik in Croatia, an island known for its mild temperature. These yachts are perfect if you wish to explore Croatia’s southern tip which is mainly filled with earth of overgrown and lush forests as well as sheer cliffs.

A definite cruiser’s paradise is one of Tuscany’s beautiful islands: Elba. It gives you a perfect combination of landscapes and sceneries, punctuated with desert and magnificent coasts. The beaches are crystal clear and white. The long shorelines are spaced with enough well-equipped and safe ports. The best time to visit Elba is before and after summer, when the entire sea will be filled with vacationers and sunbathers.

Stromboli, a small island lying in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is one of the world’s magnificent active volcanoes. The crater, along with its increasing and sometimes even rhythm, emits materials that give rise to numerous luminous trails. Nighttime is the perfect moment to watch the impressive eruptions. You can take a hike late in the afternoon or you can take an evening boat trip perhaps through a Flying Cat. This way, you can have fun a general picture of Stromboli and experience its marvelous view. Every startling explosion from the volcano means a red dot that light up the blackness of night.

Sailing in Italy is an experience worthy to be shared with your families and friends. Not only will you get to have fun nature’s bounty, you will also be in touch with the essence of Italy: a rare combination of nature, history, and art. Indeed, the activity should be foremost in your travelogue.